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Data and Software Engineer Jobs at Mid-Ohio Food Collective

Data and Software Engineer Jobs at Mid-Ohio Food Collective

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Data and Software Engineer



Data and Software Engineer

STATUS: Full Time


David Pickering; Senior Manager, Data & Insights




We have one goal: End Hunger.

Our mission is to achieve this goal one nourishing meal at a time, while co-creating communities where everyone thrives along the way.

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective is ending hunger today, tomorrow and for a lifetime. We provide enough food for about 170,000 meals each and every day to help stabilize families, connect hungry neighbors with community services to help them toward economic sufficiency, and energize the community to address root causes of hunger so everyone thrives.

We are leading the conversation on Food Is Health by exploring innovative approaches for our hungry neighbors to access affordable and healthy food to measurably improve health outcomes. And we are beginning to lead the way in terms of expanding beyond food, and beyond food as health, and into affecting productive change against the broad array of Social Determinants of Health that serve as the underlying precursors to hunger.

Are you eager to use your data and technology superpowers to help solve hunger? Do you enjoy developing user-centric solutions to complex problems using best-in-class approaches? Do you enjoy collaborating with highly-experienced, dynamic, multi-functional, multi-disciplinary teams with ambitious goals and comfort with ambiguity?

At MOFC we are building the technological platform that will enable us to end hunger on a national level -- and beyond. We know that hunger does not exist in isolation. Hunger is rooted within the other social determinants of health (SDOH): education, affordable housing, childcare, transportation, sustainable income and healthcare. Data-driven solutions using this platform have the potential to reduce conditions impacting SDOH with an end goal of disrupting the poverty cycle and reducing food insecurity in our communities.


In this position, you will dramatically advance the analytics capabilities of MOFC through engineering MOFC's data lake, data warehouse, and data marts and integrating that data into dashboard products. You will collaborate with your peers across MOFC on multiple analytics projects and help use data to drive operational efficiency, identify unique insights, and help answer critical MOFC questions. As a self-motivated team member, you will work with the data team and leaders across MOFC to understand and develop analytical approaches to support the MOFC mission. Specific activities include collection, analysis, and visualization of data; integration of data into pipelines and ETL processes, preparation of actionable reports; and troubleshooting data integrity and analysis issues with the team. The Data Engineer and Software Developer will continually look for opportunities to streamline processes and understand the needs of stakeholders, both internal and external to MOFC.


  • Act as an enthusiastic, mission-oriented, customer-centric advocate for the Mid-Ohio Food Collective across all venues.
  • Evangelize the importance of using data and technology to develop the intelligence needed to more effectively solve for food insecurity and other Social Determinants of Health that lead to food insecurity.
  • Effectively work independently, with minimal input, in agile workflow with changing requirements and asynchronous communication.
  • Conduct business analysis to understand needs of teammates and stakeholders. Reformulate and prioritize needs to account for the availability of data, technology, priorities, and resources. Communicate with team and stakeholders throughout duration of project to provide progress updates, and adjustments to milestones and delivery times.
  • Contribute as an integral, yet independent member of a multi-functional and multi-disciplinary team with diverse experiences, approaches, and points of view.
  • Execute data extraction, transformation, and loading, from operational systems and from third-party data sources, into other operational systems, analytical data lakes, and analytical data warehouses.
  • Develop ad hoc analytics, written narratives, data summaries, data documentation, interactive Rmarkdown documents, and RShiny applications to deliver insights from data at scale.
  • Develop at least rudimentary statistical models and machine learning components where needed under the guidance of more senior data scientists.
  • At least intermediate-level proficiency with some variant of SQL, at least intermediate-level proficiency with the use of R or Python or an equivalent, and at least some exposure to basic web development languages such as HTML, and CSS.
  • Eager to contribute to open-source development communities, and to leverage open source communities to improve one's own work.
  • Engage in continuous learning to ensure continual use of state-of-the-art approaches and technologies, in particular as they relate to relevant open-source development initiatives.


Education and Certifications:

At least a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution in Data Analytics, Economics, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Management, or other data-and-analysis-or-software-centric discipline


At least some demonstrable and substantive experience having worked as a productive member of a data-product-centric development team


  • Can effectively advocate for impact-oriented missions and technology-driven and data-driven approaches to achieving such missions
  • Can carry out end-to-end data product delivery, from stakeholder idea all the way through the data product development cycle to delivery and integration, all the while carefully managing teammate and stakeholder communication throughout, alongside a diverse set of stakeholders and teammates
  • Ability to work with R, RStudio, Rmarkdown, RShiny, Tidyverse, and other R packages with minimal guidance and learning.
  • Ability to learn independently from open source resources, and apply that learning to MOFC-specific use cases.
  • Can develop and deliver effective data architectures across a diverse range of use cases
  • Can execute effective data engineering across a diverse set of operational and analytical systems
  • Can independently carry out data analysis, reporting, and data product development
  • Can carry out rudimentary statistical modeling and machine learning under the guidance of a more senior data scientist
  • Can carrying out data-driven software development across all stages of the software development and product development lifecycles
  • Capable of both benefiting from and contributing to open-source development communities, both internally and externally


Working Conditions: Normal office environment, including remote work when appropriate.

ADA: The above statements cover what are generally believed to the principal and essential function of this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require some associates assigned to the job to perform a somewhat different combination of duties.

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