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Senior Manager, Data and Insights Jobs at Mid-Ohio Food Collective

Senior Manager, Data and Insights Jobs at Mid-Ohio Food Collective

Sample Senior Manager, Data and Insights Job Description

Senior Manager, Data and Insights

Job Description

Job Title: Senior Manager, Data and Insights

Reports To: CPO Chief Platform Officer

Direct Reports: None

Status: Full-Time, Exempt


Love data? Want to end hunger? The Mid-Ohio Food Collective is the place for you. At MOFC, as a leader within the Feeding America network, we are building the data to power the technological platform that will enable us to end hunger nationally, and we need your help doing it.

We know that hunger does not exist in isolation. Hunger is rooted within the other social determinants of health (SDOH): education, affordable housing, childcare, transportation, sustainable income and healthcare. We will use data to identify data driven solutions across SDOH that have potential to disrupt the poverty cycle and reduce food security in our communities. Making sense of, finding value in, and contributing data and insights to our programs such as the FreshTrak B2B and B2C enterprise tool will enable our customers to easily get the help they need while providing insights to help address intervention points in the poverty cycle.


For close to a decade, MOFC has been at the forefront of customer-focused applications advancing MOFC's work and gather data to answer our biggest questions. The Senior Manager, Data and Insights is responsible for enabling the collection, analysis, and use of data across the organization. They will tirelessly work to ensure MOFC's data is high quality, managed effectively, and available to answer our most urgent questions. Whether executing commands in a console, building a new dashboard, writing code in a legacy system, or scripting the next innovation their work enables and levels up efforts across the organization. This position crosses disciplines with high level architecture and designs, nitty-gritty data engineering and in-depth data science to solve our biggest problems.


  • Design, build, manage, and maintain critical data systems; a data lake for gathering MOFC's data, a data warehouse for supporting MOFC internal business analytics, and data services to support standard and customized needs of MOFC platforms.
  • Explore, mine, catalog, and standardize definitions of data from existing MOFC systems, for use within the organization, business applications, and strategic partners.
  • Analyze existing systems and propose enhancements or alternatives for storage options. Provide requirements, business analysis and engineering support where needed to implement enhancements.
  • Design MOFC grassroots analytics program to train business managers how to understand, analyze, and use data about their work and department to operate more effectively.
  • Collect and aggregate data from new and varying data sources; databases, systems, log files, APIs, spreadsheets, and others using automated and one-off approaches to ingest data and enable insights from strategic partners and other third parties.
  • Manage the storage, movement, and cleaning of data for the data lake and provide support for ongoing data acquisition pipelines.
  • Manage transformations of known data sources to add additional value and create new summaries for different hierarchies and timeframes.
  • Identify opportunities and advocate for the value of analyzing data to enhance organizational strategy by developing innovative solutions leveraging advanced analytics.
  • Identify and develop solutions to support Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence approaches by helping to build training and validation data sets, prototype approaches, and deploying models and predictions into MOFC Platforms.
  • Design and implement a data clearinghouse to identify, catalog, produce, and support a known library of MOFC analytics needs, especially the grant planning, reporting, and closing cycles.
  • Lead peers in MOFC critical initiatives to expand the use of business intelligence tools, and the use of existing turnkey reporting and specialized analytics tools.
  • Provide requirements, business analysis and engineering support as needed for MOFC staff and contractors to accomplish key tasks in producing value for MOF's analytics environment. Delegate work where appropriate, monitor progress, and conduct Quality Assurance.
  • Conduct ad-hoc analysis as needed to support the data requests process and answer the most nuanced challenges involving the organization's data.


Education and Certifications:

  • Preferred: Advanced degree in data science, business analytics, or equivalent work experience.
  • Minimum: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related technical discipline or equivalent Experience


  • 7+ years of technology experience with at least 5+ years in a data architecture, data engineering, or data science role.
  • Preferred: Amazon Web Services (AWS) services (AWS Route 53, S3, Athena, Spark, AWS Glue)
  • Preferred: Experience with Food Banks, food pantries, non profit organizations, and hunger initiatives


  • Extensive knowledge of data management concepts, strategies, methodologies, architectures, design patterns, and technical standards.
  • Experience with one or more of the following: MySQL (preferred), Redshift, Aurora, PostgreSQL
  • Experience with Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau or Power BI
  • Experience with programming languages such as R or Python
  • Experience with LAMP architectures (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery), and visualization libraries (D3, Highcharts)


Working Conditions: Normal office environment.

ADA: The above statements cover what are generally believed to the principal and essential function of this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require some associates assigned to the job to perform a somewhat different combination of duties.


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