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Urban Farms of Central Ohio Internship Program

About Us:

Urban Farms of Central Ohio, an initiative of Mid-Ohio Foodbank, transforms vacant sites in underserved neighborhoods into thriving farms that provide communities with increased access to fresh produce, jobs and job training, and opportunities for civic engagement. We have successfully launched and now operates one five-acre site, Clarfield Farm, and currently developing a second site, Wheatland Farm.

At Clarfield Farm, we use intensive, chemical-free growing practices, and high-tunnels for season extension to grow high-quality produce for a variety of beneficiaries and/or market buyers. A portion of our produce is provided to low-income neighbors through a pay-what-you-can farm stand while another portion is distributed to restaurants, wholesalers, and through a small CSA. The farm is also used as a space for education, job readiness training, and civic engagement.

About the Internship:

Every year we welcome interns to the farm to learn the ins and outs of running a small-scale urban farm. This internship is ideal for someone looking to gain in-depth, hands-on experience with diverse, chemical-free vegetable production as well as produce distribution practices for pay-what-you-can farm stands, restaurants, and wholesale accounts.

All interns will learn about seed propagation, planting, irrigating, fertilizing, cultivating, and maintaining the farm as well as harvesting, washing, and packing of produce for a variety of outlets. This is truly a learning opportunity on how produce goes from farm to table!

Working on the farm requires the physical capability to contribute daily in a rigorous, fast paced agricultural setting. Farm work offers and incredibly rewarding and demanding work environment and life experience. Please consider this commitment before applying.

Types of Internship:

Internships are focused on learning and supporting our overall farm operation. This year, we are looking for interns to fulfill two critical areas to the farm.

Farm Operations Intern (3)

Primary duties:

  • Assist in greenhouse propagation, planting, maintaining, and harvesting of crops, as well as washing and packing of produce for distribution.
  • Assist with general farm maintenance such as site mowing and weed whacking.
  • Assist with food distribution programs.
  • Work alongside staff, volunteer, youth program participants, and other farm visitors


  • 10-15 hrs./week of farm operational activities

Farm Stand Intern (2)

Primary duties

  • In addition to the above duties listed for the Farm Operations Intern, the Farm Stand Intern will assist in running the pay-what-you-can farm stands operated at both farms.
  • Assist in set-up of farm stands, orienting volunteers working at farm stand, serving farm stand patrons, record keeping.
  • Provide excellent customer experience to farm stand patrons.
  • Assist in developing educational opportunities that build on the fresh produce being provided to patrons (i.e. cooking demo, samples).


  • 4-5 hrs/week of farm stand plus 5-10 hrs/week of farm operations.
  • NOTE: in order to fulfill this internship, intern must be available during Farm Stand hours which are Tuesday's 5-7 pm at Saturday's 9-11 am.

Desired Skills & Qualifications:

  • Ability to work as a team player.
  • Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Ability to work within a variety of conditions and lift at least 40 pounds.
  • Willingness to take initiative and follow through on tasks.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Demonstrated commitment, reliability, punctuality, and responsible behavior.
  • Willingness to learn and remain flexible and adaptive.
  • Demonstrated passion, motivation, and creativity to improve their community and create a more just food system.
  • Gardening or farming experience is a plus, but not required. 

Internship Time Commitments:

We host interns through-out the season and ask for a minimum of an 8-10 week commitment. Start months for the internship sessions are:

  • Spring early April (applications due by March 5)
  • Summer late May (applications due by April 5)
  • Fall early August (applications due by July 5)

While an unpaid internship, we ask that all interns commit to a minimum of 10-15 hours/week. Interns schedule will be set with the Farm Manager but at a minimum, interns must be available Monday - Friday mornings. If you are applying for the Farm Stand internship, you must be available during farm stand hours.


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